IXXO, Intelligence and Knowledge management specialist

IXXO company was founded in 2002 by a passionate and specialized team on retrieval information of unstructured information. Our goal was to improve economic intelligence and knowledge management in companies.

From the very first projects, we understood that web content were very important for our customers. Supported by OSEO (since becomes BPI France) in 2006, then certified “Jeune Entreprise Innovante” in 2007, we imagined and developed a very innovative Technology Intelligence platform. This Software As A Service allowed to quickly and easily gather a lot of information which was very helpful and decisive for our customers. IXXO Web Mining was born.

We are convinced digital transformation strengthen the need to have good practices on knowledge management and Intelligence in companies.

In 2014, to boost our development, IXXO joined Neotis group, based in Lyon. We have now offices in Paris, Vannes, Canada and Vietnam.

We prioritize innovation and R&D to better serve our customers

IXXOs’ service center supports our customers and our development center, mostly based in France, design the software. We dedicate 30% of our resources into R&D to improve solutions and meet’s customer expectations.

Our work focusses essentially on intelligence technologies in Cloud and SaaS modes, big data integration, innovative algorithms integration on learning machine (first operational declination of artificial intelligence in software), Text mining and smzrt Web Mining algorithms.

Our development team is in charge of innovations and ensure products evolution follows technological web evolutions and customers’ requests. It is composed of architects, software developers and linguistics technology specialists (Natural Language Processing).

Choosing IXXO Web Mining software is the guarantee to regularly profit of improvement and innovations in your intelligence software.

Our Service center guide you to succeed in your monitoring project

IXXO team service is composed of project manager and consultants who support you in your intelligence project success.

The project success is based on IXXO technology quality as well as IXXO’s consultants commitments who support you during your project. As first weeks are decisive, our team is immersed in your project, your technological problems and intelligence sharing objectives.

Quickly, we speak the same language, it is a key of the project success.

IXXO Service Team in composed of involved and curious persons. With a good scientific and technical culture, our team is able to understand your goals and advise you in your project.

Projects are systematically supervised by the account manager and the project manager for a better continuity and quality in our customer interactions. It secures implementation target, budget control and anticipates your needs’ evolution.

4 values of IXXO’s team

IXXO team is permanently listening to customer’s needs.

IXXO team is continuously listening to customer’s needs and to Web Mining technologies’ evolution

IXXO team is permanently reactive with customers

IXXO team availability is essential for customers’ satisfaction

IXXO team respect obviously a total confidentiality

IXXO team works with our customers with loyalty and respecting confidentiality

IXXO takes up strong commitment to your side

Intelligence involves company’s strategy. IXXO team justifies a daily commitment to support our customers’ strategic success

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