IXXO Collaborative Intelligence Platform boosts economic intelligence in your company

IXXO collaborative platform is the foundation of a structured intelligence approach for your company. It helps setting up a unique storage and sharing place for formal and informal information, such as a product picture taken on an exhibition, a factsheet, etc.

Our platform also secures collaboration between competitive intelligence teams and librarians experts, and also with management and projects team as well. It encourages contents co-creation and new ideas development to better spread relevant information within the company.

Publish and share your relevant results of your Web monitoring

IXXO Web Mining offers an integrated collaborative intelligence platform

Sharing information gathered through IXXO Web Mining is essential to enhance your discoveries. IXXO Collaborative Intelligence Platform helps organizing, spreading and formatting contents to be shared before publication.

In this way, you can lead one or more experts communities thanks to: articles publications, newsletters mailing, automatic alerts, summary of different sources…

You are capitalizing internal, external, primary, secondary information, of every strategic projects in one place!

Collaborative Intelligence Platform portal is entirely customizable

When informations are validated for publication, they areintegrated in a highly customized portal, with responsive design ready for digital tablet. The solution is fullysecured and SSL compliant.

The Collaborative Intelligence Platform can be used easily and immediately for user who select their focus in order to efficiently reduce information overload. Finding information therefore becomes as simple as child’s play for experts and management. Therefore, each user can subscribe to alert by category in order to be well informed in real-time.

Our goal is to deliver the right information to the right person at the right time!

Examples of collaborative portals created by IXXO Collaborative Intelligence Platform

Customers’ portals can be completely customized according to your brand guide and can eventually be integrated to one of your existing portal, such as SharePoint for example. (contact us for further information).

Some key features of IXXO Collaborative Intelligence Platform

Organisez et personnalisez  votre portail


  • Customization: Interface, templates, widgets, forms, fields.
  • Classification plan,
  • Documentary form and meta data
  • Multi-categorization
  • Tags and tags management
  • « Full text » search
  • Metric use

Sources de données et sécurité du portail collaboratif IXXO


  • SSL Secure authentication
  • Single Sign On
  • Directory integration (Active Directory, or LDAP)
  • User Access Right, roles and group management
  • Hosting : ixxo’s datacenter or customer facilities.

Diffusez les informations dans la plateforme collaborative IXXO


  • Automatic alerts diffusion
  • Advanced publication of newsletters
  • Comments
  • Votes
  • Collaboration
  • Comments and votes on contents
  • Forum projects
  • User directory, center of interests
  • Professional event calendar
  • Content bookmarklet

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