A different technology to find high added-value information online

Web contents are constantly changing and above they follow an exponential increase.

It’s usually easy to access news, research in clearly identified databases and also well-known websites. They are essential in Strategic Intelligence projects.

But, when it comes to innovation and strategy, you need to extend your scope. For all companies, web is a limitless source of information and more of inspiration:

Does one of my competitors is currently working on this kind of project? Is he investing in one area or one technology? Which supplier could help to prepare my new proposal? Which laboratories or universities could develop our innovation portfolio? Which business deals with our partners?

IXXO Web Mining is is an online collaborative platform used for web search, web mining and web monitoring.

You will be able to implement a Strategic Intelligence approach based both on observation and analysis of leading reference sources and both on the implementation of a forward-looking approach focused on Deep Web contents.

What really makes us different?

IXXO Web Mining is designed around innovative and intelligent algorithms of web mining. It grants you an access to higher added-value contents available in the Deep Web and yet less visible.

Each knowledge worker can use the software by expressing his research topics using sentences, natural languages or key words. We currently supports more than 50 languages. While browsing the web, IXXO Web Mining is able to read and understand in real time all pages and immediately focus on requested topics and analyze best links to found the best results for you.

Since 2006,IXXO WebMining is a based on a multitenancy architecture. IXXO Web Mining integrates Natural language processing technologies and Machine Learning algorithms as well as content clustering techniques.

IXXO Web Mining’s enhances web contents with identification and automatic creation of metadata discovered in. For example, organization names, contacts, location, dates, and going so far as to identify the most probable publishing date in the page.

For what specific results?

Our main objective is to help you to make better decisions in your innovative and strategic projects. IXXO Web Mining software will grant you:

  • Quick deals with any topics
  • Starts from blank page without knowing where to look for
  • Find Information that will make the difference, sometimes decisive and always accurate
  • Build a relevant web index
  • Control of overload of information and informational pollution
  • Improve and experts’ productivity in external information management.
  • Detecting and better understanding weak signals.

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