Quality services is fundamental to succeed in your web intelligence project

IXXOs’ services support our customers during software delivery and integration to improve knowledge management in companies. In full partnership with our customers, we ensure that change management is under control.

Our team adapt to your company’s organization, skills and expertise. Our methodology framework is flexible and secures success of projects while respecting fixed goals.

Our Services and R&D teams immerse themselves in your projects.

IXXO delivery methodology for your web intelligence project

According to your resources, we are able to completely take over whole projects or only take action on some stages and missions along your project.

IXXO team prepare intelligence projects by your side


  • Understanding of your issues: Assessment of your environment and your strategic priorities.
  • Business interviews to get management and collaborators involvement
  • Management and different participants’ awareness in project

IXXO team supports you during delivery of your web intelligence project


  • Project’s declination in intelligence axes, information to be search
  • Platform setting
  • Customization and business adaptation,
  • Skills transfer
  • team animation, change management

IXXO team ensures follow-up of your web intelligence project to maximize results.


  • Assistance: additional training, contents sourcing, further settings
  • Follow-up meetings
  • Changes in configurations and specific improvements.

Various types of support from IXXO team

 According to your needs, we are able to provide various types of support in your intelligence projects.

Skills transfer

Our mission is making you autonomous in using our solution for your economic intelligence project.

To achieve this goal, we organize face to face or distance workshop trainings. Skills transfer is carried out with concrete cases linked to your issues and therefore accelerate project go live.

Intelligence outsourcing

Generally aimed for SMEs, IXXO outsourced services offer helps to partly or completely support you in your web intelligence project.

Together, we define concrete objectives. Missions are then adapted according to context, available resources in your company and confidentiality policy

This kind of organization has 2 major advantages:

  • Starting your project even if your human resources are not available
  • Possibility to re-internalize the software at any time and quickly

« Flash » search on demand

IXXO Services team is able to take action on demand conducting a tailored study or a « State of Art » for your needs

From a « Brief » delivered by your experts’, our consultants make required searches to give you pertinent and targeted contents on specific topics:

  • Technology or key players’ identification on a specific area.
  • State of art
  • Competitors monitoring
  • Suppliers monitoring
  • Web sourcing
  • International regulations
  • crisis management
  • Complete market study
  • Etc.
Build a Mind Mapping of your ecosystem

Ecosystem Mind Mapping

To support you in your strategic or investment decisions (external growth, new factory implementation), IXXO services team can realize ecosystem maps.

From a homogeneous, diverse, structured or not, document library, these representations will grant you:

  • A global vision
  • Existing and new relationships analysis
  • Evolutions over time
  • Application types are diverse and useful to improve competitive and technologic ecosystem knowledge.
  • Relationships analysis between players and technologies
  • Key opinion identification
  • Classification and innovation perspective

These maps are useful for sales teams as well.

Coatex, ARKEMA subsidiary, is specialized in high added value rheology additives chemicals.
"The quality of support by IXXO team was a decisive factor in choosing the solution IXXO Web Mining. Technical assistance and great availability of the teams are really useful for a quickly better use of the sotfware."
(Pierre FABRE, Market Intelligence Manager at COATEX)


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