The strongest intelligence software for web mining

To deal with Economic and Strategic Intelligence or Technology Intelligence, IXXO Web Mining software is able to automate web data researches in multiple languages.

Based on an innovative technology of web mining, IXXO is able to access to all the visible web as well as the deep web. The solution architecture allows the user to remain completely anonymous while searching on the web.

Full Web User interface for IXXO Web Mining software

Define, organize and plan watch monitoring on the web

Go beyond general research sites limits is now possible.

IXXO Web Mining software meets every knowledge worker needs. Moreover, it’s completely suitable to business experts who expect accurate and updated information.

IXXO web mining explores the web to reach relevant content. You have the ability to improve your information retrieval strategies according to your needs.

An intelligent software ready to use

IXXO Web Mining software offers a quick start on any topics “without knowing where to look”. It’s perfect to start new projects, identify new information sources, detect “weak signals” and better understand your environment evolutions.

First researches easily set up with IXXO Web Mining

Start your first Intelligence web research

Identify your topic and define your queries in IXXO exploration profiles.
Let IXXO Web Mining find all relevant information, regardless of the languages used.

Control your Intelligence information research process online

You are the solution driver. At any time, you can re-orient your topics, access to the results immediately, integrate new data sources and capitalize on every topic that seems relevant to you.

Automate web mining IXXO

Web Mining software allows the planning of data collection and the analysis of the outcome with graphic interfaces that will make to save time.

Automate your web researches and watches with IXXO Web Mining software
Graphic visualization through a mosaic of your researches results with IXXO web mining software

Rapid analysis results with the Mosaic

The text analysis module performs data extractions, such as company name, contacts, places, etc. All these new data are stored as metadata. Therefore, IXXO Web Mining software automatically improves web content.

Some key functionalities of IXXO Web Mining software

Organize your web monitoring

  • Help to query formulation
  • Hierarchical and customizable classification plan for resources and definition
  • Reusable and shareable library
  • Integrated translation tool
  • Strong authentication and Oath process integrated
  • New sources finding and suggestion
  • Multilingual search and integrated translation interface

Go further in your monitoring web research

  • Automated deep web research and exploration
  • Meta-engine with dynamic clusters
  • Querying with sentences, key words, Boolean operator
  • Automated url discovery
  • analyzed web content and detection of metadata such as companies, contacts, locations, dates, publication dates, emails…
  • Relevant vocabulary analysis

Automate good data sources’ monitoring.

  • Intelligence activation of websites, webpages and RSS feed,
  • RSS feed aggregation
  • Identify duplicate by titles similarity
  • Monitoring Planning
  • Alerts on keywords, on Boolean expression, on any change
  • Mail alerts

Use a powerful and secured intelligence software

  • Multi tenancy support
  • Global high-efficiency infrastructure
  • SSL authentication support

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