Technology Intelligence is key for innovation

In a company, Technology Intelligence serves two goals: Strategy and innovation. Once the process is started and the monitoring process set, it allows to detect any change or trend evolution in your technological landscape.

Technology Intelligence definition

Well-known by every companies working in leading-edge sectors where the innovation is key, sometimes Technology Intelligence can be defined or resumed as a « State of art ».

Indeed, technological watch is helpful to get a complete overview of a market and its evolutions in a technical way: technology implemented by customers, suppliers, partners and competitors, as well as the evolution around emerging technologies.

This is where the process of Crawling in the deep web bring the most added-value as it enables to discover interesting information but also difficult to be accessed. For that, you need to go beyond visible and accessible public web search sites and data sources:

Collect data from research centers

Research centers and universities provide access to thesis, doctorates, research works, etc.

Analyze research works through certificates

Patents Analysis and their disclosure is useful to understand the areas where competitors are working on.

Collect information from primary invisible sources

Specialized databases unindexed in free search engines allow access to very useful informations…

Between the needs for innovation and budget pressures due to a weak growth for many years, companies need more than ever efficient Technology Intelligence tools to save time in their prospective analysis in order to have updated « states of art » on their market.

Technology intelligence is essential in every sectors of leading-edge activity where innovation is fundamental. It is an essential component of Strategic Intelligence.

Technology Intelligence enhances the capacity to learn continually

In sectors where innovation is a continuous process, R&D teams work all the time on research and continuously need “to learn”. To help them you need to identify all potential information to understand technology development and innovations that are subjects to be studied. It avoids to take decisions on the basis of non-reliable information or to reinvent already existing products.

Technology landscape including Suppliers, customers, partnership

Mapping roadmaps to measure consistency of strategic choice

For example, in Health sector, it’s important to watch the evolution of clinical trials during the different stages to assess maturity of implemented technologies. Process is the same for other sectors, such as chemistry, where concrete applications watch some molecules gives good information on ongoing technological evolutions.

SNF group gather close to 5000 people in more than 40 countries. SNF is the world leader of polyacrylamides used as flocculent in water treatment.
Evolving the specialty chemical under a strong competition, SNF successfully integrated IXXO Web Mining software in its strategic and technology intelligence process.
IXXO Web Mining gives SNF relevant information by watching automatically competitors, markets and technology innovations.


German group Pfeiffer Vacuum Technology AG is a world leader of vacuum technology.
Its French subsidiary, based in Annecy, implemented IXXO Web Mining within the observation cell to systematically watch markets, technologies and competitors.
Therefore, the group has a specific and precise knowledge of current evolutions in each subsidiary.

Pfeiffer Vacuum Technology AG

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