Collaborative intelligence involves all company’s staff

Hands down, everyone practices online monitoring in your company. Each knowledge worker regularly investigates websites to find missing information which he might need…

Free search engines  (Google, Bing…) only covers a small part of visible web which isn’t enough for your collaborative intelligence platform.

Unfortunately, search engines are not omniscient and cover only visible web (a lot of databases are available but not referenced). And most pertinent outcomes for intelligence watch don’t always appear in first sections results…

Moreover, each person who independently practices monitoring doesn’t share outcomes beyond close workmates and therefore you’re currently dealing up with incomplete or weak added-value data. But also, when you look at time being spent by your employees number, productivity really falls down and the cost for your company is really expensive!

Why a company should have a Collaborative intelligence platform?

This is the reason why Market and Technology Intelligence success first stands on its collaborative dimension.

Company’s goal must be that each collaborator involved in intelligence (strategic, competitive, technology…) doesn’t miss important information for his activity.

Sharing existing information in company and identify missing information to be find is the 1st step of collaborative intelligence process.

Collaborative intelligence consists in organizing information sharing within the company and setting a dedicated tool such as IXXO Web Mining :

  • Intelligence processes are « more visible » in the company: each person knows that more powerful searches could be performed with this tool rather than in free search engines such as Google, Bing… .
  • Information centralization in the intelligence tool allows to involve employees easily in a collaborative process.

Collaborative intelligence is then the main goal of all other kind of intelligence processes in the company to move ahead in its economic and competitive environment

Aguettant is a French pharmaceutical laboratory dedicated to drugs essential for hospitals development, production and marketing.
Aguettant Intelligence Monitoring is part of a global process, consistent with its markets, customers and R&D information which are important for their innovation strategy.
IXXO Web Mining software supports Aguettant’s teams sharing and being mobilized around intelligence in order to remain vigilant about all important information regarding their development strategic axis.


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