Ixxo Web Mining 5 : first steps at Documation Exhibition

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The whole team of IXXO is proud to present a preview of the new version of IXXO Web Mining in the Documation exhibition the 6th and 7th of April 2016.

This version is the result of collaboration with our clients and the result of exchange with experts in the field of information, for over 5 years now.

We focused on two points:

  • collaborative work between different kind of watcher profiles within the solution
  • a redesigned architecture to face the challenge of « Big Data

More collaborative

The collaborative aspect has been reworked to offer more flexibility in the organization of the surveillance unit. Rights and roles can expand the field of people with access to various software services. Thus, anyone can contribute to the solution, enriching the content obviously, but also its design and evolution. The person in charge of the surveillance and research can share at any time the results of watch, ad hoc search, saved searches and documentary records.

We wanted to also facilitate customization by consolidating all parameters in one place, organized in classification scheme also fully customizable on several hierarchical levels. Resources such as the library of sources of information receive a classification scheme, hierarchical, dedicated and also customizable. These resources can be shared and reused between users.

More power

IXXO Web Mining has always been at the heart of innovation through our engine able to explore all the web in multiple languages with cognitive algorithms of its own. The performance of our solution has always been at the centre of our concerns. We decided to move up a gear to respond to the challenge of « Big Data. » Our SaaS platform is optimized with latest technologies of indexation and machine learning to collect and analyse more information.

Our business model is evolving and our customers have the choice between an evolutionary model related to the processing capacity of the platform regardless of the number of users, or a more traditional model by users.

The official release for all our customers is scheduled for the 20th of  April 2016!

To talk about it before, visit us on the C04 stand in Paris Porte de Versailles, on the 6th and 7th of April!

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