Automate your web monitoring to identify trends and changes in real time

For any monitoring actions, IXXO Web Mining automate exploration and information web search in many languages. Monitoring module allows to set up an effective Market Intelligence plan. You will be able to watch web sites, those of your competitors, pages and RSS flows you already know and those that IXXO will discover during its crawling process.

Based on an innovative technology of web intelligence, IXXO Web Mining is able to access to deep web. Solution access contents in many languages and its architecture grant you to remain completely anonymous while searching on the web…

Sources and documents discovered with IXXO Web Mining software are beyond from traditional intelligence way because anonymized researches will discover more relevant information in less time and compose pertinent document libraries.

Some key features regarding of trends and changes monitoring

Implementation is easy with tailored user interfaces: you are the solution driver. At any time, you have the possibility to re-orient your subjects, access the results immediately, integrate new data sources and capitalize on every topic that seems relevant to you.

Watch automatically evolution trends worldwide
Accelerate your market monitoring with automated web intelligence searches
  • Alerts on key words, Boolean phrase and exact phrase
  • Monitoring of a website structure
  • Authentication
  • Open authentication compatibility Oath
  • Automatic pages blanking
  • Quick read in list mode or in chronological list
  • Patterns change Follow-up (emergence, disappearance, increase and decrease)
  • Tag and histogram view in the form of a cloud.

Automated intelligence is an essential component of your monitoring. It allows you to be warned when new available data might interest you…

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