What are Strategic & Market Intelligence’s objectives ?

All information from Strategic and Market Intelligence are essential for a company strategy and growth. Even more in a SME with limited resources and who has difficulties to meet competition from larger companies. Value added data enables C-Level to anticipate changes on the markets with great insights and make better decision.

Strategic Intelligence, Market Intelligence, Competitiveness

Considering basic elements which are essential for the growth of a business, we can identify the following conditions:

Strategic & Market Intelligence to remain competitive

Being and remain competitive

Market Intelligence to access trading opportunities

Being reactive to events
and external opportunities

Strategic Intelligence to anticipate and face risks

Being able to better anticipate risks
and being more resilient

These 3 pillars of company’s growth are based on abilities to make good decisions, and this requires the most accurate information at the right time.

Strategic & Market Intelligence can be defined as collecting and processing of all relevant information that could be used to develop Economic Intelligence around the company, its market and ecosystem. So, leaders will hold the key to make good decisions.

Imagine you’re planning to launch a new product on the market. Will you go on without assessing the market and the demand, or studying other companies who are already working on a similar product?

Strategic Intelligence includes all potential intelligences that could be used to make strategic decisions in a company: Competitive Intelligence, Technology Intelligence, Business Intelligence, Institutional Intelligence, Image and e-reputation, Suppliers Intelligence, Regulatory Intelligence, etc.

Therefore, Strategic Intelligence involves all decision-makers. They need some guidance in their web search through a collaborative intelligence system.

Strategic & Market Intelligence protects your company.

How to organize a Strategic & Market Intelligence System?

Thanks to technologic innovations, SMEs can now get the same tools as big companies: intelligence systems set up to watch automatically the visible web and also especially the invisible web.

Below are the 3 golden rules to succeed in your Strategic Intelligence project

Automate your external data collection

To operate effectively your strategic and market intelligence, you need to watch many websites about competitors, customers, partners…

You also need to figure out in the system topics you are interested in. It will help your get accessible and non-visible data from the search sites. Let the software gather all data and improve the relevance of your collects while sorting automated search.

Software can collect data automatically
Software can help you detect weak signals

Add value to gathered data and detect « weak signals ».

You will be surprised to discover a lot of results you have not imagined and that free search engines such as Google, Bing… had not found like new concepts and innovation, partnership under negotiation, technical documentation…

This is called « weak signals » identified by IXXO Web-Mining but invisible from search sites for general public.

In front of this amount of data, we must improve the software working process to improve data compilation and to extract the relevant ones. On, this specific point, thanks to the vision of accurate results topics in mosaic, IXXO will be really helpful.

Select value added results and share

Many employees in the company are concerned by searching or watching information on the web. For some, their missions are closely linked such as General Management, Marketing, R&D, Sales, etc.

But all information is not necessarily helpful to everyone.

Use collaborative features of your intelligence software for spreading alerts and newsletters to involved people.

Software help you share accurate data with teams

Coatex, ARKEMA subsidiary, is specialized in high added value rheology additives chemicals. IXXO’s Web Mining allow them to make extensive researches in order to find the best data.
At Coatex, each strategic decision relies on Strategic & Market Intelligence. Because, we must know everything, immediately, to make good decisions.


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