Exploit BigData and deep web contents in your web intelligence watch

Daily data amount produced on the web exceeds today anything we could have imagined in terms of volume and speed. Usage of these data for strategic intelligence has become a strategic intelligence matter.

In 2016, there are now near 4 billion web users. This past 4 years’ important novelty is that half of users are now based in Asia; meaning that Asian languages are now equally represented as English. Chinese sites alone constitute 20% of websites, becoming the 2nd most spoken language on the web after English.

At a time where markets are globalizing, these data sources in foreign languages are a goldmine for companies who have problems to use data due to languages barrier. It justifies the need to get IXXO Web Mining solution to be able to search in those databases without any difficulties.

What are BigData characteristics for your Economic Intelligence?

Unfortunately, many companies simply exploit visible data in free search engines such as Google or Bing… We estimate the amount of data in Deep Web around 2/3 of the whole Web. These additional resources are really huge and represent an additional interest for companies who gather sometimes very pertinent data for their Competitive or Technology Intelligence.

Imagine if you would be able to analyze exchanges of Chinese engineers on a discussion forum (in Chinese) not indexed by free search engines such as google, Bing… ? Imagine if one of your competitors in Brazil exchanged documents (in Portuguese) through a web platform not indexed by Search Engines and you found it?

It sounds surrealistic but these are 2 examples (among many) from our csutomers success thanks to IXXO Web Mining software features. Now, the real question is: what is the real cost for your company of not accessing to these information?

Why are there so many data in the Deep Web ?

Basically, search engines index, in reality, less than half of a classic web site especially since websites have huge data volume in databases (such as NASA or IMDB – Internet Movie Database- for example).

Moreover, lots of websites have dynamic generated pages on demand or sometimes avoid indexation from robots thinking they would be hidden by public.

Exploiting BigData in 2016 means gathering data from the Deep Web and use these information sources even if they are in foreign languages.

Then, IXXO Web Mining involves intelligent algorithms able to find these hidden data, to recover and to stock them according to research topics.

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