IXXO will be present at RDV Carnot 2016

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As every year, IXXO will be present at the 9th edition of « Les Rendez Vous Carnot » dedicated to innovation and R & D for the companies. The event will be held in Double Mixte in Lyon on 5th and 6th of October 2016 and we are waiting for you to make you discover the power of our IXXO Web Mining solution to nourish your R & D projects and your innovative approaches with strategic informations from the Web.

Meet us at « Les Rendez Vous Carnot » to exploit the full potential of Big Data!

IXXO is the partner of technological intelligence and innovation strategies in businesses for many years: thanks to IXXO Web Mining software, you can take advantage of all the web data, they are in the visible Web or in the « invisible » Web (or « Deep Web » that is to say the data that is not referenced by mainstream search engines). The Big Data is not directed with the results offered by Google, it must be rather searching information of work and thesis from research centers and universities, or analyzing patent publications from your competitors …

This year we focus on the international, and we propose you to discuss about the interest of competitive intelligence approches internationally:

All companies are progressing in globalized market where new innovative technologies, as new entrants players , can quickly disrupt marketplaces already established. The systematized recuperation of crutials informations on the markets is essential to accelerate the R & D innovations and to find sources of growth … But how to automate it? How to exploit the datas from forums in chinese or other languages? How to locate weak signals from so much datas? How do other companies?*

We propose you to discover the answers at « Les Rendez vous Carnot » and to read the article (in french) in the MOCI below :


Publication MOCI - RDV Carnot 2016 - Stratégie de veille à l'international

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