Bye Bye Yahoo Pipes

By 19 juin 2015 No Comments

Yahoo announces the closure of different services including Pipes, widely used by many and mong them : research analysts like us. Before we start using Blueway Process Studio, IXXO has realised processes and flows prototypes with Pipes.

After Google Reader and then Facebook RSS feeds, it is another one of our “free tools” which disappears because of a lack of visibility. Yet the community on these two products was very active. WhY? Is it a strategic error? Cost reduction? Future monetization? … It’s heartbreaking because for some of us when a solution disappears, it can represent months or even years of work that become obsolete overnight. Are we really wining when we rely on free solutions? Is this not a false cost-saving deal at the end?

Software publishers are still here, for 13 years IXXO has brough another added value with services, responses to specific needs and proximity. As an IXXO customer, you have the opportunity to influence the product strategy of your software provider. You benefit from an adapted and safe contract, not just termes of conditions with ticked boxes.

You know the maxim “when it’s free, you’re the product.”
With IXXO you are a customer and at IXXO “the customer is king.”