Techinnov 2016 : Technology Intelligence

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The identification of new players and emerging technologies is critical for your business? Meet us  at Techninnov, Thursday February 11 at ORLY and learn how the tools of IXXO accelerate and simplify the development of an approach of Technology Intelligence.

The IXXO solutions identify opportunities and technological threats that could affect on the growth of your business. The detection then the capitilization and finally the personalized diffusion of technologicals informations, ensuring you to catch more relevant and more accurate decision.

  • IXXO ‘s Software Solutions accelerate the information search process and bring you different informations from the visible web, deep web, social web, scientific web … IXXO includes 50 languages and guarantees the confidentiality of your research.
  • IXXO ‘s collaborative portals facilitate the diffusion of technological information necessary for all departments of the company: innovation, R & D, marketing, purchasing, business development … These collaborative spaces are fully customizable and available on smartphones and tablets

Meet-us at Techinnov thursday 11th February at Orly.