Ixxo Web Mining for intellectual property and scientific watch

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The acquisition of Motorola by Google motivated by the acquisition of 17 000 patents, the fierce war between Apple and Samsung on these topics, and many other cases that do not end up enrich the lawyers, show the importance of patents in the company’s assets.

Practices made to qualify and guide patent portfolios and to enjoy the legal status, are needed to refine its strategy while knowing that of its competitors. These informations are available in specialized databases (such as European Patent Office, for example) but the explosion of content available on the web redistributes the cards. Useful information is everywhere, in multiple languages and sometimes difficult to access. It is the exploitation of these crucial data that will allow to a company to influence certain directions taken or operate strategic levers in litigation.

IXXO Web Mining explores databases and Deep Web to achieve value-added content. Users of IXXO complete their approach to intellectual property, either at the strategic or operational, offensive or defensive decisions, such as:

  • complete an anteriority study to submit a case,
  • build a case in a litigation (counterfeit, claim, nullity, …)
  • implement a systematic technological watch (technological panoramas, innovation, detection of actors, …)
  • and find related technologies available.